Festival fashionista - how to do it well

Festival fashionista – how to do it well


When thinking about spending a few days, kicking back with good friends, good music (though sadly not usually good weather), it is important to make sure you are fully prepped and kitted out for your festival experience. A little bit of work beforehand goes a long way to guaranteeing your enjoyment, so let The High Tea Cast take the hassle out of festival going and do the work for you! Check out our festival section for all the festival advice and hints and tips.

Us HTC girls like to look our best wherever we go. But when it comes to festivals we’re all about outfits that don’t nip, pinch, chafe or squeeze, and you will certainly not find us attempting anything like this…

heels in mud

Oh hell no…

The fundamental outfit

We have a very firm festival uniform that keeps us warm and comfy whilst lingering within the boundaries of fashion. This takes the form of short shorts, cutesy tees and leggings (unless it’s particularly warm – which never happens).

Fundamental festival outfit

Ignore the sign. It’s a long story…

The key idea behind our preferred ensemble is, without doubt, that it’s easy to slip into when you’re stuck in a tent with two other girls. Believe me, space is not on your side when camping, and spending half an hour trying to wriggle into your skinny jeans whilst nursing a hangover just doesn’t make for easy festival dressing. Plus you can’t smuggle rum into the arena/lock out a groinal breeze under a dress.

So pick yourself up a couple of glam pairs of shorts (New Look are rocking our hotpants of choice right now – plenty of high waists, dots and flowers) and leggings or micro fibre tights from Primark (they’re so dirt cheap it won’t matter if they never recover from mud and cider spatterings), and see below for spectacular festi t-shirts.

Waterproofs and wellingtons

Unless it’s Benicassim you’re off to, you know it will rain. For the love of God prepare yourself – is there anything more miserable than getting soaked on the first day and spending the whole festival a cold, damp wreck? We think not.

Festival waterproofs

Rain AND sun? What’s a girl to do?!

Primarni is your friend again here (our usual favourite Tesco clothing is sporting a shocking lack of waterproof coat this year. Hmm.), as they currently stock ponchos that you can wrap up into a handy carry-pouch when the sun comes out, as I’m displaying on the left in the above photo, and they are also stocking more traditional coat-shaped waterproofs like Sam’s on the right. Notably, they come in leopard print and umbrella print as well as assorted plain colours. You’re welcome.

As for those all-important wellington boots… hello again Primark. My leopard print pair have lasted me since Glastonbury 09, and are the worlds comfiest shoes. If you’re lucky enough to afford a snazzy pair of Hunter wellies, do invest in a couple of pairs of welly socks (currently on sale in ASOS!). Mrs Sparrow’s dinky size 3 Hunters were a little uncomfortable after some hours bouncing around the arena, so padding is definitely recommended!

Custom and comedy t-shirts

Sadly, it seems all the boys get the pick of the comedy tshirts. We have no problem shopping at Topman, but if the top bearing your favourite slogan isn’t showing any willing to take tits and waists into consideration, it’s time to don the needle and thread, as Sam did with her stupendous Bang Tidy tee:

Bang Tidy tshirt Topman

Primark  also have a few gems this season, not least a healthy selection of Del Boy tshirts, one of which I have obviously nabbed for this year.

Only Fools and Horses tshirt

Luvly Jubby!

And finally, if you’re looking for something that bit more lolz-centric, Balcony Shirts (based in Uxbridge) have side-splittingly hilarious slogan tshirts ready to order in standard or women’s fit, or you can bung them your own design and rock out in a tee that not a single other person is gonna possess. We LOVE them.


You know what you definitely need with you on a festival campsite? Hand sanitiser, tissues and money. You know what you definitely don’t need on a festival campsite? To be lugging a shoulder or hand bag around.

Enter the bumbag.

Mud tee and bum bag

I <3 Mud. And my supercool bumbag.

I know it’s not the coolest accessory but my gosh it’s easy and safe. I’m pretty sure that without having stolen this thing from the depths of my dad’s wardrobe, I’d have lost all my cash on the first day and spent the whole of Reading crying. Just do it. We’re all going to look awful by the end anyway.

So there we go. The girls guide to rocking practical festi fashion wherever you’re going this year… and PLEASE don’t listen to Glamour when they tell you maxi dresses are the way to go. They’re lying. We, on the other hand, have prepared you for all levels of weather and drunken dressing.

All weather festival fashion

Of course, you could always just spend the entire weekend dressed as Morph.



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